AQUA Physical Therapy
25 Years

Aquahab Physical Therapy has one mission -
help our patients to get better and stay better!

Our nationally known clinics have been in practice for over 25 years, and we have earned our impeccable reputation in the healthcare industry.

With four locations in the tri-state area, Aquahab Physical Therapy is conveniently located near you and specializes in the most advanced aquatic and land therapies available today.

Free Parking for Aquahab patients at every location.
If you are suffering from joint or muscle pain or stiffness from surgery, you owe it to yourself to get the best care possible. More than 1,000 area physicians have referred patients of all ages to our facilities. Aquahab Physical Therapy accepts workman's compensation, automobile, Personal Choice, Medicare,  major medical, and most other insurances.

The size and scope of our four facilities* is virtually unmatched. Aquahab Physical Therapy utilizes nearly one million gallons of water to aid in recovery of all orthopedic problems regardless of severity. From acute, post-operative loss of function to chronic and painful conditions, the water’s properties help clients perform movements more easily and with more efficiency until they are land ready. Each facility* has a deep water pool to enable faster recovery, and a warm water (94°) pool to relax muscles and create an inviting environment for therapist/patient contact.

To make the transition from therapy to a regular exercise routine a smooth one, each site is also home to The Aquatic and Fitness Center offering a wide range of group exercise classes, the latest in cardiovascular and strength equipment and a knowledgeable and friendly staff.
Our Mission

AquaHab, L.P. is a service-driven company committed to providing fitness, wellness, and rehabilitation to those who seek it. AquaHab Physical Therapy and The Aquatic and Fitness Center(s) strive to deliver a total wellness solution that integrates proper exercise, education, motivation, and injury management. To this end, Aquahab, L.P. will do whatever it takes to keep our clients happy, healthy, and fit for life.

Leslie Littman, President/CEO
Aquahab L. P.
5 Esterbrook Lane Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

AQUA Physical Therapy
AQUA Physical Therapy
AQUA Physical Therapy
AQUA Physical Therapy
AQUA Physical Therapy
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