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Aquahab Physical Therapy offers an hour long session that is “One on One” and includes an interactive experience for patients in a constructive neck/back injury prevention program. The neck/back curriculum will instruct patients in proper body mechanics and ergonomic safety from a licensed Physical Therapy clinician. In addition, this format contains knowledgeable information pertaining to the following:
  1. Anatomy of the spine
  2. Common causes of neck/back pain
  3. Treatment plans and effects
  4. Patient’s individual specific care for the involved injury
  5. Specialized home exercise program for long term care
Neck/Back school is a proactive program that educates the patient and allows him/her to prevent a neck/back injury before it happens. In order to promote a healthier lifestyle, Aquahab’s neck/back program gives patients the tools to help them in their daily activities.

Additionally, if you are suffering from a back injury of any type, our Back School will teach you how to reduce or eliminate back strain while performing simple, everyday activities. You'll also learn how to strengthen your back and prevent future injuries.

W.E.T. Program (The Arthritis Program)
The N. J & P.A. Chapters of the Arthritis Foundation, in conjunction with the AquaHab Physical Therapy are proud co-sponsors of The Arthritis Foundation W.E.T. Program. W.E.T. is a recreational program designed specifically for people with arthritis. The program provides gentle movements and activities under the guidance of trained personnel to help increase mobility, muscle strength, and stamina. Pre-registration is required as enrollment is limited. All personnel that conduct the sessions are certified through The Arthritis Foundation.

If you want to participate in this special program, please Contact Us.
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