More Than Just Aquatics!

Our nationally known clinics have been in practice for over 25 years, and we have earned our impeccable reputation in the healthcare industry by providing both land and aquatic therapy.

Getting Stronger Every Day!

We provide individualized treatment programs directed by a licensed physical therapist each visit.

Manual Therapy Designed For You!

Our highly trained physical therapists use hands on techniques to improve tissue extensibility, increase range of motion, mobilize soft tissue and joints, and much more.


27 Years of Business

At Aquahab Physical Therapy, we are committed to providing rehabilitation and fitness to those who seek it. We strive to deliver a total wellness solution that integrates proper exercise, education, motivation, and injury management.

New Patients

Direct Access

See a licensed physical therapist first without a prescription from your physician. Research shows that the sooner an injury receives physical therapy, the sooner the recovery, with less cost.


Most Insurances Accepted

Aquahab Physical Therapy accepts most major insurance plans, as well as Medicare, Workers' Compensation and Motor Vehicle Insurance.
601 Righters Ferry Road
Bala Cynwyd PA, 19004

Get Better, Stay Better

For great results, I send my patients and my family to Aquahab Physical Therapy. The best hands on care in the Philadelphia region.

Dr. Seth Krum - Pennsylvania Orthopedic Associates

Aquahab Physical Therapy has been my go-to physical therapy facility for the past few years. My patients have nothing but great things to say about all of their therapists and their facilities. This is apparent to me, not only because of my patients' satisfaction, but also the progress I note at their follow up visits. This was made even clearer to me when I injured my calf last year and called upon Aquahab to help me with my rehabilitation. Colleen, Mike, and Ray were excellent. They were all very professional, hands on, and they challenged me, but within my tolerance. They were able to get me back on my feet quickly, and my recovery was better than I would have ever imagined.

Howard Shapiro, DPM

I am a Neurologist in private practice. My patients with Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease and degenerative disorders of the spine have made significant advances at Aquahab Physical Therapy. I have been sending patients to Aquahab for many years with the goal of improvement in range of motion and reduction in pain. Many people who have not responded to traditional land based therapy, have made substantial improvement at Aquahab. The staff is helpful and dedicated. I receive comprehensive reports so I can track my patients’ progress.

David Tabby, D.O., Bala Cynwyd, PA

The Aquahab team are body mechanics. My assessments and examinations exceeded my expectations. They are very knowledgeable and skillful in their profession. I have come a long way. Thank you Aquahab!

Diane Wilson

I didn’t know what to expect with aqua therapy since regular therapy didn’t work for me, but the staff really helped me along the way. They deserve raises!

Jerard Johnson

Staff is excellent – very helpful and great listening skills. I have recommended to family and friends.

Linda Kinslow

The physical therapists at Aquahab at the NAC are very comfortable to work with, provide exceptional care, and are very knowledgeable. Not only are they great listeners, they could explain rational for my treatment and gave very specific information. I have improved greatly and am very satisfied with my therapy at Aquahab Physical Therapy.

Maryann Basil

When I first arrived, my pain was long term and very debilitating - life style changing. On evaluation, the problem was identified - subsequent treatment resulted in immediate relief. Follow up has resulted in greater flexibility and confidence. Truly amazing.


To the team of Aquahab, I love all of you guys. You have brought my broken ankle back to life. I really appreciate all your hard work, consideration and talent with my physical therapy. I will recommend Aquahab to all my friends. Thank you all so much!

Frances Franzone

When I came to Aquahab Physical Therapy I was at the peak of training for my first marathon. I started having a lot of pain in my lower leg/ankle area and was worried I would not make it to the starting line of the race let alone the finish. A friend recommended Aquahab and I will forever be grateful she did. My physical therapists were great. They are both very knowledgeable and kind. They were patient, helpful and willing to answer any questions I had. Between a regimen of physical therapy and various message methods I was able to finish my training and participate in my race without any pain! I am now a Marathoner and I owe a lot of that to my therapists. I have already recommended Aquahab to numerous people and I have no doubt they will have the same success that I did.


Each one of the staff was professional, knowledgeable and accommodating to my needs. I improved greatly with assistance! I will miss each one of them!

Diane DiSepio

I was referred to Aquahab after a work injury. My therapists were very kind and patient throughout this process and I am thankful for their relentless work and motivation towards my recovery. They were always available to answer any questions or concerns that arose. Their words of encouragement were very helpful.

Angela Jeffries

At Aquahab Physical Therapy, my experience was phenomenal. My therapists provided me with an individualized care plan, adding and modifying exercises for my progress throughout the recovery. I️ was apprehensive about the surgery and recovery but their positive attitudes and atmosphere in the Newtown office made my experience very enjoyable. I️ would recommend Aquahab Physical Therapy to any of my friends or family.

Leah Kulp

I am a 72-year-old man who played racquetball for many years. After several games, I would put ice on my knees. As I grew older, I began going to an orthopedic doctor who gave me shots in the knee. The shots lasted from one month to six months. The pain always returned, and so did the limp. Finally, I asked my doctor to prescribe physical therapy. I planned on going to Israel in several months and wanted to be pain free and not have a limp. After a month at Aquahab in Jenkintown I was stronger, pain free and walked normally. The entire experience was great from Marty at the desk, to Amy and Matt’s care, I strolled around Jerusalem and Petra averaging 5 miles a day.

Stephen Ettinger

Staff was very professional, knowledgeable, and very pleasant. Very satisfied with my experience here. Thank you!!

Marguerita Wimberly

My first visit at Aquahab Bala Cynwyd location was an apprehensive one, because I had no prior experience to go on as to whether or not I should select this facility. So, after brief pondering over my decision, I made the choice to select something new. Boy, did I make the right decision for my needs. Aquahab is excellent in how the physical therapist tailor an individualize plan for each client. What do I mean? This is what I mean. Aquahab not only structures an action plan for each client, they EXECUTE the plan that is in place. I have been to several other physical therapy places in the Philadelphia area. No place works as closely with the client on giving the client the level of work while still presenting that challenge and or encouragement that client may need to push or support that client. My first visit was a truly pleasant experience. I received an excellent right shoulder massage, because my right shoulder was sore and very tight. I could barely raise my right arm. The therapist worked on my right shoulder for 15-20 minutes. Immediately, afterwards my right shoulder was a new functioning right shoulder. I was extremely impressed with level of care that went into this 15-20 minutes I mentioned. Another day I attended, Haley was the only physical therapist on the floor and she worked with all four clients at once. She never showed signs of being overwhelmed by her work load. I appreciate that so much. I shared with her boss my positive experience with Haley so maybe my feedback would make it in her employee file. In general, the physical therapy experience is one no one is excited about; however, I enjoy attending Aquahab Bala Cynwyd location. The facility is clean and lively. Physical therapists are knowledgeable and personable with the clients. Lastly, my experience here is for the better in my personal physical growth in physical and psychological challenges with MS. Some visits I just don't feel up to being there. These days require more effort and will to get through the day. What helps my positive turn around is the support and motivation I receive from staff. I enjoy my stretch routine. MS usually leaves my legs and lower body tight, but once I receive my stretch routine, my body is more mobile and loose. In general, I feel better. I thank you for your time in reading my testimonial.

Alina Patterson

My experience at Aquahab for two different injuries were "swimmingly" good. The therapists at Aquahab were friendly, helpful, and non-judgmental. They each had his or her own way of approaching therapy, but the results were consistently good. Most of my therapy was in the water, with exercises that I could follow with prompts from the therapists on duty. Using a chart, I was able to follow along quite easily. The first pool for "freestyle therapy" prepared me for the exercises. After my water exercises, I would go into the therapy room and use a variety of props to do land exercises, with the therapist always on hand for help. Having music was pleasant, but I think having windows would be even more pleasant. A room without windows is stifling! And the therapists never get to see the light! I have nothing but good feelings about my therapy and nothing but good results from the therapy. Yay Aquahab!

Ellensue Jacobson

I walked into Aquahab surrounded by elderly patients in wheelchairs, on crutches and clearly limping, most likely recovering post operatively. Then there was me, a young female physician having never had surgery and feeling completely out of place. The only similarity I had with the patients around me was my burning desire to recover. I suffered a back injury at a high intensity exercise class 5 months before starting at Aquahab. I had never sustained a back injury before and as they say, doctors are the worst patients. I refused to succumb to my injury and continued to make it worse. Once I realized how severe the injury became, I tried a myriad of interventions including rest, yoga, gentle exercises. Nothing was working and my back would continue to go into spasm. 5 months later I had made little progress, could barely make it through half an hour of sitting with my patients without severe pain, could no longer travel, walk for more than a few minutes, hike or even sit through a movie. I started cancelling plans because going out to dinner meant sitting for three hours straight in pain and bringing my pillow with me to sit on. My injury had changed my life. My life had changed once by my injury and once again after walking into Aquahab. My physical therapist, Andrew, listened closely and took time to fully understand my injury. Despite not having surgery and being younger than the average patient, I felt that my injury was taken just as seriously. Every appointment I was closely monitored for my current symptoms and response to interventions. Andrew made sure that I challenged myself but never let me overdo it. After months of living in agonizing pain, I was finally making progress. It was the small things that counted. I almost cried in joy when I could sit on a chair again without a pillow. I started focusing on other aspects of my life again including care for my own patients. Not being in pain anymore, I was in a better place mentally. I understood my body better than I had ever before. I finished physical therapy stronger that I had been before my injury and I have Andrew and Aquahab to thank for that. I thank Aquahab being my personal miracle and giving me my life back. I could not have picked a better place to trust for my care.

Dr. Shivani Jain

“After three years of an injury, I am thankful to Amanda and Aquahab for helping me move on and return to more of a normal life and activities.”

Kaitlin Geary

“I came to Aquahab with massive rotator cuff damage. Andrew took me under his wing and never wavered. I owe the use of my arm to Andrew Norton. I found all employees and therapists getting included with me at some time or another. I entered Aquahab unable to lift my arm – it was that bad. Now, I can swim, row, play ball, fish, and camp with my grandchildren. I believe it would be foolish not to choose Aquahab, and put your faith in the entire staff as I did.”

Stephen Ammon

“The staff at Aquahab is professional, but friendly and personable, which makes you feel comfortable. They are knowledgeable, ready to answer all questions. The staff is calm and patient.. they don’t rush, but get everything done. I enjoyed the soft background music, quiet and pleasant setting, and most of all the therapists. A patient can come and heal in an environmentally, mentally and emotionally recharging healthy setting.”

Yuvonne Samuels

“What I liked most about Aquahab is the staff and equipment. Absolute incredible experience.”

Scott Drissel


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